Captain Cook's Cove | Stamford Grand North Ryde

A few weeks back, my work colleague invited me (Matt) and the rest of our team to dine at the restaurant where his father works. We were offered free starters and dessert, plus an additional 25% off our mains. We could not resist! The hotel that the restaurant resides is currently undergoing reservations, so the restaurant itself will be closing down soon. It is definitely a shame as everyone really enjoyed the food. Comparing the beginning of service to when the food was out, you could notice a drop in noise around the table as everyone seemed to just be enjoying the food more then the company HAHA!
For Entree we shared a platter of Satay Sticks, Szechuan Spiced Squid and a side of Sauteed mushrooms seasoned with garlic and butter. The satay sticks were the biggest hit of this dish, as we all fought for the last stick. Talk about office politics! The squid was totally different to what I had expected. At first I needed to make sure I knew what I was eating! I couldn't tell if it was squid or chicken at one point.

The below pictures are dishes that my colleagues ordered. They were nice enough to kindly let their food go cold while I took a picture

Braised Lamb Shank

Potato Gnocchi Pomodoro

Butter Chicken

Being the meat lover that I am, for main I HAD to have the Chargrilled Beef Fillet... I wasn't disappointed at all. They cooked the steak perhaps a bit under what I requested, butthat may be because it would be more enjoyable at a medium rare. The bernaise sauce was very thick and creamy. Every last bit of that sauce ended up in my stomach as I would pour it on ANYTHING (Wish I had it earlier for the squid ).Now onto desert. It was nicely presented on a platter and all the phones came out for pictures !Thank goodness one of our colleagues had the sense to cut each desert in half so we each got to try the best of both dishes.The Icecream was Pistachio flavoured. Normally I would stay away from this flavour of icecream but ever since Christine opened my tastebuds to how amazing it is, I am always wanting more. The two cakes were not on the menu, so I don't know the exact name. However the tart was a Lemon Custard Meringue and the other was a Chocolate cake with peanuts and cream throughout. Both were nice, but they were nothing special. However, I cannot complain for free food!!

The whole experience was really good. The wait staff were kind and attentive (could have been because the chef's son was dining). Thank you to Irresistable for the great food! We look forward to coming back and trying the BBQ pork ribs.

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