3one7 | Parramatta

We celebrated my mother's birthday at Restaurant 3one7. We decided to come back here because we had such a fantastic experience on Valentine's day. There was a set menu which included chicken strips as entree. So chicken strips was a must this time around! 

The overall experience was okay. In the beginning, we didn't feel too welcomed as the service was not up to our standards however towards the end this waiter made it so much better. The cutlery was dirty and we observed several requests to switch cutlery...  

The food on the brighter side was amazing!! We requested to have the chicken strips and pizza come out as entrees. And as soon as we were finished, our mains (unexpectedly) came out straight away!! Fast service right there I must say. 

You may notice different quality with the photos in this post (as my samsung died on me and my camera was out of battery). One was taken with an iphone and the other with a nokia. Guess which photos were taken by the nokia? 

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