Steersons Steakhouse | Darling Harbour

I was searching for one of Sydney's top steak places for my boyfriend's birthday and Steersons Steakhouse caught my attention. Why? Based on amazing photo and a-la-carte menu on their website (
As it was my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, I asked the manager if he could organize a small surprise. I was expecting to pay for the surprise however; he kindly advised that he could organize a small dessert with a sparkler complimentary for me.
Upon our arrival at Steersons Steakhouse, we were welcomed with a warm ‘I believe it is your birthday’ to my boyfriend. Not only do the staff have exceptional customer service, they are also very friendly.
Let’s enjoy the food shall we? It could’ve had a bit more jus and sauce but apart from that, it’s perfect! (cooked to perfection as well!)
I highly recommend you try this place either for the view, the service, the food... or just for a special night out. You won’t regret it!

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