March 30, 2014
I was looking forward so much to this restaurant. I'm a germaphobic and hate sharing with other people and I try to avoid hot pot at all times... NOT ANYMORE

"Ipot is a contemporary restaurant fitted with custom made electric tables allowing each customer to cook their own selection of ingredients to their liking – and then share it with the rest of their table!"

How does it work? Have a look below! It's a unique experience however be warned, the soup is quite bland (except for the chilli soup). Also, we were not aware that sauce costed $4 per person. So $8 per couple. I think it's very smart to have a wide variety of sauces. I love love love the hoisin sauce, peking sauce, soy sauce, chilli meat sauce and the peanut sauce. Surprisingly, I do not have a tummy ache (quite impressed ha!). Not that you needed to know....

It came to a total of $180 for 3 couples - not bad not bad. :)

Enjoy :)


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