March 26, 2014
It appears we were not provided everything that was advertised on our deal for La Cita Latin Restaurant - Bar & Club. We were promised a homemade vanilla pannacotta with berry coulis - we had churros instead.

Definitely did not leave a good first impression.

The Our Deal voucher included:
A shared entree of toasted (very lightly toasted) sourdough bread served three ways: Herb, Tomato & cheese, Smoked Salmon cucumber & aioli (salmon was very fishy) and proscuitto and salsa fresca.


We then proceeded with our main 'meat platter' which included: a char grilled rump steak, smokey BBQ pork spare ribs (not smokey at all),Grilled stuffed capscicum with lamb chilli concarne, cheese guacamole, grilled chicken thigh fillets marined with tandoori paste, griled pork and herb sauces, mini chicken burritos (YUM!) served with homemade creamy peppercorn sauce and mayo. 


The seafood platter was mediocre but what really stood out was the prawn ceviche cooked with lemon and lime juice and coriander. The seafood platter included grilled salmon, marinated sweet and sour BBQ octopus (very chewy). Oysters mornay, beer battered calamari rings (my favourite from the platter), tuna sushi, beer battered flathead fillets served with homemade tartar sauce and balsamic vinaigrette. 

We were looking forward for the entree as stated on was the dessert! 

The dessert stated was:  Homemade vanilla pannacotta with berry coulis
Hmm, I don't think Churros with chocolate sauce is anything close to a "homemade vanilla pannacotta with berry coulis". The waiters didn't even bother telling us about the dessert change. 


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