March 17, 2014
Oh wow, where to start. I have so many things I would like to share with you guys!
Firstly, we were using our $50 voucher from UBER service where we were treated like VIPs in the (car). Zash our driver to the event opened the door for us and greeted us nicely and even had complimentary water bottles. We excitedly arrived at centennial park and walked to the Taste of Sydney event. 

We were  provided with a free Lurpak bag (I could've sworn the bag was smothered with butter because I could smell it!) and a free Dilmah bag with lots and lots of tea samples!
I saw people posting pictures from the canon booth on the Sydney Food Blogger Facebook group (yes, you Simon with your awesome Tshirt) so I established that the canon booth was a must! The weather at this point was lovely, blue skies and white clouds and the sunny warm sun. After that, we ordered Polenta Chips from Bloodwood.

Next up we had the Duck, Haloumi & Wild Weed Gozleme from Efendy .. YUM!

The weather was not holding out at all for us, so we decided to use our VIP pass and head to the VIP lounge. We stayed here for quite a while (mainly where we had all our food – excluding free taste testings). I was reserving our spots and the bar was providing free poncho’s for us! My boyfriend went off and came back with foooooooood.

Crispy Pork Belly from Chur Burger. This was delicious! 

Charcoal Grilled Entrana from Porteno. It was slightly chewy for my liking.
We walked round the place and finally the rain stopped! We received a phone call from canon at this point and we won the camera! Whilst walking to the canon booth my boyfriend said they might take a photo of us holding the camera. GOOD PICK UP BABE so we immediately ripped our ponchos off (no, not really... although that would be quite a scene…).The staff members were ever so friendly and full of energy! 

The highlight for me from the event apart from food was the Bundaberg Distillatorium. We tried Molasses (a really thick syrup like consistency). 

Take a peep into Bundaberg's Molasses pits. Imagine walking on the bridge... 

We just had to try the Peanut Butter Popsicle from 4forteen/four in hand.

Our sweet tooth kicked in.. next stop Duccio's Gelato! White chocolate and salted caramel.

We walked around and noticed a lot of places had free samples. And boy, we sampled the sample out of them!
No more writing from here, I will include lots of photos! (Maybe more than 43 photos as mentioned on my facebook page

Heaven'sHell Vodka members said I could only take a photo if I upload it and tag them on facebook. Even better, I'm uploading on my blog! Living up to my words :)

Okay so maybe a sentence or two here and there won't hurt! We got buffalo wings!

More free taste testing! 

Does anyone have a clue on what this is? Is it cheese or pork leg? Or both... *wonders*

Cheese..glorious cheese..from Just Cheese Salt Meats Cheese

Maille Mustard tasting time!



The cutest logo/brand/ cheese company! 

To end the day, we tipped everything out of bags and took one last photo for the day.. *sigh* what an experience!

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