April 13, 2014
To my readers, long time no post! Here's my experience at the 2014 Royal Easter Show!
The highlight of the show for me was the 7News Live experience!

In the Woolworths fresh food dome, we had a nice tomato soup with cheese toastie complimentary from Continental soup - perfect weather to be sampling a warm cuppa soup :)
Fatty? Oily? Full of cholesterol? Yes. This is what I look forward to on a day out. 

Hawaiian Pizza - not too bad, not too good. Didn't have a wow factor but satisfied our stomach. 

I've always seen Chips on a Stick at carnivals and China Town's friday night market. I never tried it because I thought, how on earth am I going to eat that? Will it be ever so crunchy that possibly after one bite, all the potato would fall on the floor? Luckily, chips on a stick were giving out free samples! AND VIOLAAA we had to get ourselves one. It's so tasty and delicious and yummy!!

Eehhh .. just tasted like plain chips. 

Cute shop though!

There's always room for dessert at any time of the day! We had bubblegum gelato. We had two spoonfuls and dumped the gelato. It was so-so.......

Perhaps other flavours were better? *shrugs*

This pumpkin was so big, your mamma jokes won't cut it. It I stood next to the pumpkin, it would be up to my shoulders.

Oh MILO! I didn't forget about you! I use to love putting 3 spoonful of milo and probably 1 spoonful of milk and moosh it all up and eat it. Ahh.. the time when we were kids. 
Did we try the free sample with FRESH MILK? No. But we did get the free Milo packs! 

No idea why this photo turned upside down but hey, I like it so I'm leaving it like this. I've never seen a table filled with eggs.. I'm not even kidding.. I think over 50 eggs were displayed.

After the Cake and Bake show, I was excited to see the cake submissions. 
Hope your eyes enjoy a bit of cute, fancy, detailed decorated cakes/cupcakes as much as ours did!
After all these cake decorating events and displays, I think I will have a  high expectation for my wedding cake! 
My favourite two cakes from the show! I think I like the colour yellow! 
NOT CAKE - but beautiful real roses.

What's the Royal Easter Show without Animals?

Bonnie Yard Dogs show! 

The two expressions below are priceless. 
Top right: What are you doing? Why are you taking a photo of me?
Bottom left: Dudeeee, mann.. you need to chill.... dudeee....

Working dairy display. My partner proceeds to explain that brown cows produce chocolate milk. 

Awwww it's so fluffy!!!!!!!

Ferris Wheel - every carnival, show, romantic place needs one!