May 14, 2014
Next up on the Hunter Valley special is Amanda's on the Edge! Is it really on edge you ask? 
Not a cliff edge but a picturesque vineyard which can only be seen in daylight. We drove past Amanda's on the Edge as we heard it was slightly difficult to locate. 

The dining experience was mediocre compared with Emerson's. We had a hard time trying to get the waitresses attention (the downside of being seated in the invisible corner table). However once we did though, they were very polite.

Maybe it was the hype from everything I've heard about Amanda's but my dining experience was at best okay. Matt on the other hand loved his dishes and would definitely visit again. He loved everything about it! Definitely one of the highlights from the trip. 

We had to order two courses at a minimum and the prices aren't all that friendly (bummer)

For entree I had the Seared scallops with a cauliflower puree with a gruyere crisps. Loved the gruyere crisps and that was probably it. The scallops were cooked to perfection but... In my opinion was missing something. 

Matt had the Lamb slow braised lamb shoulder in puff pastry with a mint, spanish onion, parsley and fetta salad. He mentioned the fresh herbs complimented the dish very well. 

Here's my main! Prawn Pasta - linguine tossed with prawns, garlic, baby romas, coriander chilli, spinach and lemon. They are very generous with the amount of prawns in this dish! Really liked this dish. The portion is like .. Extra large!! I bit into the juicy tomato and it nursed everything hahaha!

Matts main was the Beef Eye Fillet - Seared beef fillet with a gruyere cheese, thyme and potato galette, paris butter and roasted eshallot. I kept picking off his dish... The potato galette was to die for! Every bite he took, I would hear "mmmm". I guess by now you would've guessed his favourite dish of the night hey? 

Overall, a pleasant experience. 

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