May 04, 2014
Wherever you think has the best gnocchi, think again. Below is the Chicken Ballotine, Potato Gnocchi, Fricassee of Mushrooms, Split Peas and Cep Sauce. The potato gnocchi melts in your mouth, is ever so creamy and an absolute break-taking moment. As I placed the first bite in my mouth, my eyes widened. Must try!!

How amazing is the presentation below? Have a guess?  Baked Ash Coated Pork Fillet & Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Prunes, Cavolo Nero Cream and Sautéed Potatoes. 

I loved the dish below. I can eat this all day! Terrine of Quail, Pickled Nulkaba Quail Eggs, Polenta Crouton and Grape Salad. The polenta crouton was so yummy!I loved everything about this dish. The presentation, the taste and the smell!

Below is the Sous Vide of Duck Supreme, Duck Rillettes, Parsnip Cream Puffed Rice and Pine Nuts with Date Puree.  Oh so fancy and loving the date puree!

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