June 18, 2014
First of all, it was tasty. No really, it was! I loved the mayo and beef pate however there was way too much pepper! I enjoyed the different taste to my local vietnamese pork roll place.

They had the option for white bread or brown bread (really interesting). I somehow felt like I was in an asian subway (eat fresh). 

They had friendly service! Really funny blokes! I hate coriander and cucumber and I didn't want chilli. The person serving me said "do you want anything?" (jokingly). 

I will be back for your spring rolls... mmmmm they look so crunchy!

I ordered a vietnamese banh mi. Compared with my local banh mi... it was 'ok'. I would definitely go back (don't get me wrong) but ... it was sightly pricey..

Overall, lots of choices and had a pleasant taste (apart from me and my friend choking on pepper)!

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