June 09, 2014
Tonight is the last night for Vivid Sydney and you know what that means? It's the last night to try Psychedelic Psundae's from Messina!! Here's the entire menu!
Matt and I tried the top two pictures and my friends tried the bottom two. We stole some fairyfloss and red wine cubes from them though! I could barely finish my bombe (generous serving!). Matt said the popping candy took a while to kick in.

Kaledoscope Bombe – mango sorbet gelato, torched soft Italian meringue, raspberry puree and crushed shortbread crunch

Silly Cone Chips – Coconut & Mango swirled sorbet gelato, blue popping candy chips, crushed chocolate chip cookies topped with a banana caramel filled cone 

Psychedelic Spider – creaming soda & vanilla swirled gelato, redskin & banana lollipop, crushed humbug lollies topped with fairy floss 

Trifley Trippy – vanilla gelato, red wine jellies, strawberry puree, vanilla infused peaches, strawberry soaked sponge