July 13, 2014
Our first time visitng the Bleu Blanc Rouge festival in front of customs house, Circular Quay! Definitely a new experience being greeted in another language "Bonjour".  Loved the red, white and blue theme!! Everyone had a beret, was dressed in stripes and was ever so lovely!! 

Lets start with the sweets. We were expecting the price to be slightly dear however (to our surprise), it wasn't! We grabbed the blueberry cupcake, an eclair and a macaron for just under $12.

And another angle because why not? :) 

Savoury crepe time! We indulged with two crepes ($30) in the centre of the festival. It wasn't that hard finding a table (we were there around 11am on Saturday) but get in quick!!

French Crepes was definitely a crowd's favourite. The smell was amazing, I could smell it from a distance. Not only did their menu have lots of choices, they had spectacular descriptions. We ordered the Montagnarde ($18) and the Ratatouille ($12)!

Staring at our Ratatouille (eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, onion and organic tomato salsa with cheese and egg).

But wait, which one should we concentrate on? Our order was made simultaneously... too much excitement to handle!  The montagnarde = racelette and swiss cheese, bacon, caramelised onion, potato, salami and chorizo! (yes, you may gulp now).

Steph's gourmet food's Chorizo stick was definitely jam packed with flavour! You will need a bottle of water to wash the flavour down. 

Thanks for the free photo Europcar!