July 20, 2014
This is Matt's favourite place for lunch with his colleagues. It usually gets really busy during weekdays. Matt finally took me here and this was what we had. 

The chicken laksa. BOY THIS WAS SPICY! Matt said some people say it's not spicy and others say it's really spicy. Next time, I'm going to ask them to put less chilli in. It was delicious though - loved the chicken (was so moist) unlike other places. 

Chinese tea and laksa does not go. It burns OH IT BURNS. 

Nasi Goreng. Great wok hei! It smells like diced chicken and salty fish fried rice (for those who ever tried it). It also tastes very similar.

Lovely interior - very cozy and traditional. 

Heck, even the leftover icecream glasses look fancy! Hahahah.

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