July 20, 2014
The Sparrow’s Mill, known for their Korean-Fried-Chicken (KFC) is located down the street from Hot Star! We had a mini food blogger catch up with Amy (http://milkteaxx.blogspot.com.au/), Yvonne (http://yvonnetpv.blogspot.com.au/) and Suze (http://www.chocolatesuze.com/). Thanks for organising ladies!  A teaser below. Warning: You may be craving chicken after this post. Scroll down at your own risk :-) 

Look at the vibrant eye catching sign! Incredible chicken? Yes. Definitely in-cred-ible.

I love japchae. I prefer japchae warm after trying the one below (I've been eating cold japchae all my life).

And another close up shot. *gets chopsticks ready*

Side dishes to go with Yvonne's dish.

Introducing the sweet and spicy chicken ... the sauce was full of flavour - it was definitely sweet and without a doubt spicy! So tasty. The chicken is perfectly cooked as well as the batter. THE BATTER OH MY GOSH. The crunch just pops in your mouth. 

Below is the spring onion chicken (with a kick of wasabi!). More please (if my body permits).
At first, I couldn't taste the wasabi. Suze said to dip it in the sauce. I dipped it in and YEP. IT KICKED IN. I didn't even know there was sauce! It's all smothered over the delicious korean fried chicken.

The Sparrow's Mill(참새방앗간) on Urbanspoon