Gelato Messina | Parramatta

The famous Gelato Messina in Parramatta (no longer required to travel to the city!)

Our friend in Melbourne tasted the Boss's wife and warned us that this would be heaven and to "thank him later". We had no idea what ingredients were in the Boss's wife until we saw........

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Matt said "we are getting the boss's wife". At this point, we just had dinner and stuffed ourselves. I have no idea how he made room for two and a half scoops of gelato (we had a massive dinner)

I had my Pandan & coconut sorbet with a cone. 
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Pandan & Coconut Sorbet with the Boss's Wife and Chillax Princess. 
(Not too sure if Matt was hinting anything there :P )

We actually visited Gelato Messina a couple of months ago when it first opened where we were very disappointed with the service and left the store.
Ever since that day, the pandan and coconut sorbet has been on my mind.... we knew we had to be back to taste the gelato that has everyone talking!

I had no idea he was smiling for the photo (i feel terribly bad now as I was snapping away).
Thank you for striking a pose for so long kind man!

Which flavor have you tasted & which one would you recommend? We don't have comments enabled on the blog due to template reasons however feel free to leave a comment on our facebook page! 

Triple chocolate gelato cake

Juliette gelato cake

Dr Evil's magic mushroom gelato cake (wow)

As mentioned above, we had an unpleasant/disappointing experience a couple months ago and have made a complaint and suggestion to the manager (who was on vacation during that period). It was evident that our recommendation was taken into consideration. We were happy the next time around! The door hosts were extremely energetic and friendly which made us smile and forget about the bad experience we once had :)

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