August 08, 2014

“Everything that tastes good is probably bad for you”… this is what we have all probably heard at least once in our life. But everything bad in moderation is actually good for you. Well that’s what we told ourselves anyway when we happily accepted John and Janine’s invite to have a taste testing at their MooBerry store that has recently opened up in Neutral Bay. We were so excited about today, that we had literally planned our whole day around this! It was well worth the travel as we highly recommend you go visit Jamie and the team!

Upon arrival, we were amazed at how beautiful this placed looked. They were going for a contemporary/pop feel to the place and surely put some hard effort into it (the feature wall was hand painted... No Stencils!). The staffs were also very friendly throughout our whole experience. They made us feel welcomed and relaxed, which is exactly how you want to feel when you go to a place to eat dessert!

First on today’s menu was a tasting of their frozen yogurt. We were given several different options to select from but given my love for Caramel and my partner’s for Coconut, they were the clear standouts

…and you can see it was definitely more than a “tasting serve” :P

The Salted Caramel (with biscuit crumbs and Coconut Jelly) had a very good balance of sweetness. While I was busy taking the photographs, my partner stole most of it because he was really enjoying it! That said the Coconut Yogurt (with biscuit crumbs and Mochi) was still his favourite choice. Both Fro-Yos were very smooth, and they stayed frozen for quite a while which means we didn’t have to quickly scoff it down before it melts!

Next on the menu was the HOT CHOCOLATE. Based on our yogurt selections we were given a Salted Caramel hot chocolate as well as a Belgium hot chocolate.

We were expecting a thick, rich melted chocolate to be served for us to drink as we have experienced in Max Brenner. However, this was a legitimate hot chocolate which could actually be drunk until the end. The froth was very sweet, and every part of my body hated me as I ate it… except my taste buds of course! The chocolate was also drizzled at the bottom of the mug as well as on the sides, so it gave you a nice little surprise when you sipped as you got a mouthful of chocolate sauce. YUM!

Lastly came the Waffle with Belgium chocolate drizzled on top and a side of strawberries, banana slices and Salted Caramel Yogurt. The presentation was simple, yet both of us just wanted to put the camera down and dig in (but of course… pictures come first!)

The waffle was very crunchy, and was softened up a bit by the chocolate sauce. In comparison to other Waffles we have tasted, this takes the gold as every bite was consistent and enjoyable.

To be truthful, at this point we were struggling as we had literally had a chocolate overload, yet my partner could not leave good food go to waste. The yogurt twist (instead of ice-cream) surely made a difference as it helped break up the chocolate, and we would like to think that it is somewhat healthier too hahaha.

We also got a chance to meet Olivia and her partner from!! Such friendly and energetic people to be around, it was sure nice to meet the both of you. At this point I am wishing that we took a photo to attach below, but instead just enjoy this picture of a cute puppy (from google), who is feeling as guilty as we are after eating all this chocolate today...

Looking back on the picture, it might not look like a lot but it definitely is filling and equally as satisfying. Be sure to bring your fat pants when you visit as you will definitely need them when you leave the store. My partner has definitely learnt his lesson; he won’t be wearing jeans next time we visit. Thank you again to MooBerry for giving us this opportunity to try some amazing food!

(Seriously, in love with the feature wall)

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