September 07, 2014
You can find La Zuppa soup in your local supermarket with a wide variety! I usually see the lunch soup (in a bowl) at an IGA store near my work. The range of flavours are incredible! Browse their website to see the flavours from the classic pumpkin soup to creamy chicken with asparagus and herbs! 

We were lucky enough to try their NEW dinner pouches! The dinner flavours include thai coconut curry! We tried the creamy chicken and vegetable soup. 

The cutest box packaging ever!

It's really quick and simple. Creamy chicken and vegetable soup - A creamy blend of succulent chicken with fresh vegetables. Empty the pouch into a saucepan (hopefully cleaner than mine) and bring to boil (remember to stir constantly).

And the finished product = a pleasant surprise.

Normally, I would think thick and creamy soup would have a powdery after taste but surprisingly, La Zuppa's soup is smooth and creamy with no traces of the 'cluggy' bits. 

Very impressed :)