Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Cafe | Homebush Bay DFO

Ahh, DFO (every mans worst nightmare) has a great selection of cafes! 
This includes the Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Cafe. 

Warning: If you are ordering the Churros.... please order for 1. When this dish came out, our eyeballs popped out, ran around DFO and jumped back into our eyes, 

It was definitely way too much for our stomach. But luckily enough, our camera was in for a treat :) 

Baked Churros dip for two (yay, baked not fried). It still had a nice crunch but definitely didn't leave an oily after taste. I also didn't feel guilty :)

Pistachio gelato. It was too rich for us.

Loved the mango crush.

Did we finish it all? Heck no. We had 3 churros leftover.