September 14, 2014
I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather! Here's a quick post for you. 

Takeru has the option to order 'half size' dishes which has so many varieties! It's the perfect venue for a short catch up with friends or a small cute first date idea!

Small salad. This small salad is definitely not small! They are very generous and it's delicious! We absolutely love the sauce. I've googled the recipe for japanese salad dressing and found out the secret ingredient is....grated onion!

Tonkatsu Doria - Pork Cutlet on Doria. Check out the white sauce and cheese. 

Karaage Don - Fried chicken on rice

Chicken Namban Hiyashi Tamen - cold noodle with deep fried chicken 
(my favourite)

Full menu can be found here

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