September 09, 2014
A hidden gem and a hole in the wall...yes; we are taking about Three Williams.

To begin, we sampled a Super Smoothie which contained the super food kale, a fruity essence of apricot, apples, LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds), banana, ginger and cinnamon. It's thick and creamy and it's dairy free! This super smoothie and a huge cinnamon kick! Definitely for cinnamon lovers.

Look at the funky setting of Three Williams (note: it would usually be so busy that you would barely notice the surrounding).

What I love about being a food blogger, walking into this! Everything is perfectly set and the most exciting thing of all; a menu card!!

Lovely decor (as mentioned in my other Three Williams post)

Next on the menu are these crunchy crispy school prawns (with a kale surprise) complimented extremely well with the home made aioli! As you all know, Matt is not a seafood eater. So I had his share! It's like crunching on prawn crackers, except this is the real deal.

Zohan had his "Fizzy Bubbly" just like Three Williams have their refreshing house made, raspberry and lime soda! It really helps to clear your palette after each course. A perfect drink to sip on, but it's not one that can be enjoyed on it's own unfortunately.

Introducing the amazing Herb rubbed free range roast duck narnie. At first, I thought I was seeing wedges of potatoes and then a burst of excitement happened. 
Goodness me. The roast pear complimented the duck so well - my tongue was in heaven. 
But wait, what makes the narnie amazing was the apple balsamic and aioli sauce. It just worked so well together! This dish was by far the winner of the night. It just screams "EAT ME", especially if you think of it as a giant mouth salivating over itself!

Dish it up baby. My belly is waiting for you.

I thought I was the only one who opens their food. I am no longer alone! Vanny from Nessy Eater does this too! What can I say? I just love picking at my food hehe.

Attention mushroom lovers: 
Wild mushroom, baby spinach, truffle balsamic, stracchino cheese sauce and parmesan is the dish you ought to try. It's simply flavoursome, full of textures and is not overpowering. 
An enjoyable dish! Matt is also not a big fan of Mushrooms. However he was enthusiastic to try this dish, so he deconstructed it and ate it without the mushrooms. Even then he wanted more, that is how amazing the stracchino sauce is.

See what happens when you play with your food? You can see the generous serving of spinach, wild mushrooms! *gobbles*

And another shot because why not? 

"Eat your greens" something every kid would dread to hear (i'm still a kid). 
This colourful wonder is the Grilled Atlantic octopus, savoy cabbage, chilli, raddish preserved lemon, hazelnuts and jalepeno dressing. I think this salad would be best enjoyed for someone who loves sweet and sour food with heaps of texture from chewy to crunchy. 
When you manage to get a bit of everything on your fork, it's like a disco in your mouth. Sadly, it was a bit too much flavour for us, we ended up just picking at the salad.

I just curious to try this. Tofu salad? Would it be fried tofu? Nope! It's definitely a healthy salad haha. I should get fried-anything out of my mind! Below is the organic tofu with charred broccolini, roasted almonds, Japanese seaweed and fresh peas. I found this dish slightly bland. We picked at it again, what I did enjoy was the seaweed!

Slow roasted free range pork lion with the smeared caramelized apple puree on the plate and crafted cherry tomato with black pudding. 
I just wanted to put it out there that black pudding is blood sausage (we first found out from a fine dining experience LOL). The pork was slow cooked in 43 degrees I believe, this was the first time experiencing pork cooked this way. At first we were worried that it was undercooked! But we gave it a go and wow.... That pork just fell apart. It worked especially well together with the caramelized apple puree, which it definitely needs more of *hint hint*.

Crowd favourite - THRICE COOKED beer battered chips with home made aioli. I couldn't control my hands. I thought them being cooked three times over was a bit overkill at first. But that crunch, that oily perfection that gets even better when it is dipped in the aoili....... I would go back to Three Williams just to have this again.

I guess, a main dish is always well accompanied by chips, mash or baked potato right?

Hellooooooo Three Williams cute business card!
(What are you amazing chips doing back there? Would you would like me to eat you)

MORE CHIPS. Oh hello. There's something new to the plate.
Rangers Valley mbs 7+ Wagyu minute steak with red wine butter. Look at the beautiful naughts and crosses grill line. You can tell a lot of love has gone into cooking this wagyu minute steak. I really wish they served this with a nice piece of sirloin or eye fillet instead. It was still a decent meal nonetheless!

Let me tell you, this RED WINE butter is.... just....  >=)

Casually taking a photo of the Three Williams coffee cup whilst waiting in line to take another photo :)
What a shame, Phil from philsosophyy caught me out haha.

So then, it was my turn! This is how food gets cold because of us food bloggers!
(One thing food bloggers must never write: The food was served cold)

Look at the presentation. It's so delicate and peaceful.
Pan seared market fish (silver dory) with pea puree, broad beans and snow pea tendrils. The fish broke apart as graceful as it was served. This dish, along with some of the chips posted above would make a to-die-for combination on a hot summers day. Cocktails anyone?

Lastly, the dish that everyone had been waiting for the whole night. The crunchy brioche French toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate and it didn't disappoint either! We have tried their French toast previously (with yoghurt, maple syrup and fresh strawberries & blueberries) and we enjoyed their other variant more. However that doesn't mean we disliked this!! Each group afterwards was eying out the "extra" serving that was brought out. Each wanting another slice.... unfortunately we were not one of the lucky ones (our tummy let us down)

Look at it's perfect presentation. We had to look twice because we thought the caramelised banana's were actually carrots! LOL It was actually a really nice way to end the degustation. It wasn't too sweet, but it didn't lack sweetness either. It was perfectly balanced out to leave you satisfied, instead of sick. Great job on this dish Three Williams!!

Hello food blogging friends + the lovely George & Alana from Wasamedia!

We felt like royalty entering a restaurant that had been completed booked out for our own tasting event. We had an amazing experience at Three Williams the second time around. Matt even had water spilled all over him by accident of course, yet that didn't bother us because the food, the atmosphere and the people made it perfect. 

Thank you again to Wasamedia and Three Williams for inviting us, we will be back again.

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Thanks for reading!

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