October 31, 2014
I work in North Sydney so I'm surrounded with thousands of takeaway choices. We rarely have lunch at restaurants unless it's for a specific function/celebration. We had a farewell lunch for our colleague and decided to dine at Drink Better Wine! 
Before we continue, no - we did not have wine.

This will be mainly a picture post because I can only speak for my own dish (featured below). 

The presentation of the Fancy mac n' cheese made with fancy Italian cheese and fancy pasta was not 'fancy' to me at all. The ordinary pasta dish above costed me $19. It was bland (I had to generously pour the salt shake for seasoning) and the pasta was so soft to the point where it just tasted... well.. not so good. I wouldn't order this dish ever again - it was such a disappointment. 

The battered chips, parmesan and aoili were great (we had two servings $18).
 Great crunch to the chips and the garlic aoili left a nice aftertaste on my palette. Definitely addictive!! I want more!! Sigh, if only the fancy mac n' cheese had the same level of seasoning as the chips!

My friend who is vegetarian ordered the Shiraz risotto, hazelnuts, vin cotto dish. This dish originally had pancetta as well. I tasted a little bit of the risotto and was surprised. I'm not a wine taster nor do I drink alot (actually, I barely drink at all) so I had no idea how this would turn out! 
It was almost like I was having a warm, sweet, dessert-pudding-like dish. 

Special of the day. 
Beef roasted for 8 hours I believe (from memory)... I wish I could describe this more but to be totally honest, I wasn't paying attention.

Crisp skin salmon, clams, leeks, bonito and chickpeas
Pictures can speak for itself. The waitress asked how my colleague would like his fish cooked 
(I didn't know you could request this for fish).
I am still on my food blogging learning journey!

The service was lovely - your glass will never be half empty (it gets topped up automatically). 
It was a slightly squishy table outdoor however, I had a lovely time fare-welling our colleague.

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