October 13, 2014
Night Noodle Markets | Hyde Park

Night Noodle Markets is on again as part of the Good Food Month! We highly recommend taking a stroll in Hyde Park (free entry). It's on from October 10 - 26 commencing 5pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends. 

It's definitely worth going to experience a different kind of atmosphere!

The entrance for the Night Noodle Markets

Lovely lanterns 

I'm not too sure what this is supposed to represent but I take photos of anything and everything. It would be cool to sit in there and have a private dining session, don't you agree? (I can see a see of heads UH-OH)

The VIP Citibank area. 

Woofys Asia Dogs. I made a smart comment to Matt (which I will not disclose here) so this was worth a giggle. I love the colour yellow! We didn't get a hotdog from here because I was looking forward to those pork baos. But having a second look at the menu......I'm quite curious to try the Woofys Banh Mi!

*drum roll please*

We tried the twice cooked pork belly. It almost looks like the bun is trying to eat itself! (for good reason too because it was delightful). The pork was really soft and broke apart easily when you took a bite. The skin was somewhat crispy with a nice dosage of Hoisin Sauce. We wanted more, but sacrificed our cravings to taste other foods (as good bloggers should :P)

Chips on a stick isn't really anything crazy or new, but it is a favourite of ours to munch on while we waited in lines for other food. Damn we sound fat....

We had a once around stroll past all the stores before we bought any food, to see what we would like to try. When Matt saw KBBQ chilli pork from POKLOL, he was immediately drawn to the sound of pork, chilli sauce and fried onions on a wrap. We had to line up for quite some time for this but as you can see, it was worth it.

Look at this picture and think about how amazing it tastes, then double your expectation and multiply it by Pi (mmmmm pie). You then find yourself in the immediate losing battle of temptation for more vs. the reality of how bad these are for you. 

Many good men were lost that day...

Gelato Messina - How could we not visit you. With your bright and inviting colours, not to mention the quirky names you give all your wacky creations. This is a food bloggers dream.

We had to use every little bit of resistance within us to not order the "Phuc Khing Tasty Pot Pie" just for the immature laugh we will get when they confirm our order.

Below is the "Phuc Khing Tasty Pot Pie"

We did resist and got the "Happy Taste Bud Time Pot Pie" instead! The range of flavours and the idea of a huge coconut macaron sounded too good to pass up.

It might not look like it, but it definitely was the better choice. Other than the blatently obvious Cocunut Macaroon, the Salted Coconut Cream stood out for us. When you get a bit of everything on your spoon at one time (the gelato, macaron, mango puree and the salted coconut cream) it had plenty of texture to accompany the sweetness of the gelato. The Lychee sponge seemed a little bit out of place though, we didn't really reach it until the bottom and it sort of took some of the enjoyment away.

The place is decorated so pretty!! Hopefully they are smart enough to move the paper cranes when it rains this week!

Lion Dancing with a twist! The costume was filled with little LED lights that made it stand out from across the park. That's if you couldn't already heard the loud drums! hahaha

Food Trucks United | Pyrmont

The next stop on our trip was Pyrmont for the Food Truck United event. It is only a short train ride to Central, followed by a tram to The Star. The live music was great to enjoy while sitting near the water, enjoying your meal.

We love sweet treats, so when we saw the Tall Grass Cane Juice stand we had to buy one! It was interesting that they are mixing ginger with sugar cane! We were not game enough to try this, so we went with a safer option of lime. It made the drink a lot sweeter than we expected!

Jaffles! We have tried this before and weren't all that happy about it.
So we decided to give it a miss this time.

The blue radiance of the light shining on the boxes drew us to this food truck. Luckily so, because we were craving Gnocchi!

There wasn't very many options on the menu and by the time we got there a couple of items had sold out, but because their menu was transitional it instantly seemed like there was several more different options. 

We went with the Gnocchi with Boscaiola cream and Parmesan Cheese. This was very tasty and we were not dissatisfied at all, however the Gnocchi could have been better. The cream sauce was the best part of this dish!

We heard a lot about tsuru and it looks really interesting. We didn't however give this truck a try because the dishes looked really filling and at this point, we were bloated!

The Star | Pyrmont

What a better way to finish an eventful afternoon than to win some money and enjoy a drink or two at the Star!

There was definitely a large difference between the Night Noodle Markets where it was all hustle and bustle and the Food Trucks event where it was more relaxed and chill. Either way, both events are worth attending atleast for the food!