October 15, 2014

Before we start with the PappaRich feast, I want to share with you the PappaRich pop up restaurant at Westfields Parramatta!

We stood by the side watching Poh do her thing. Let me tell you, she sure knows her food! People in the front row were making notes on her recipes, and she was even nice enough to go through the recipe with them at the end of the show! :)

And shortly, the restaurant filled up! The great thing was that you didn't have to book prior to coming (just walk on in if there's space). PappaRich has a team of lovely, energetic ever so welcoming staff members.

We were then seated in our private-like-function area at PappaRich (we did the guilty walk where we skipped everyone in line and just sat down) :(


When I see PappaRich I think Pappa deep fried (crispy) chicken skins! We have reviewed these before and I don't believe we gave them enough credit. If you dine there you MUST try this dish. Matt was lucky as one plate was split between the three of us and he had most of it to himself.

Roti Canai - The sauces are much to be left desired. However the Roti is delightfully light and leaving you wanting more. It was such a shame that it only came with one piece, there was too much sauce to soak up with only one Roti!

Oh gosh, the Pappa Fried chicken wings were extremely juicy, crunchy, tasty and bursts in your mouth. We were really surprised as the last time we tried these we were not too impressed. This time around we felt guilty as we reached for another wing. You know fried chicken is good when your fingers are greasy and you don't have time to stop, wipe them and continue. MORE PLEASE!

Satay mixed - Once again... Very impressed by how much better these skewers were. Last time around the only edible thing on the plate was the peanut sauce. The skewers were dry, overcooked and had probably been sitting around. This time however, they were fresh off the grill. You could actually enjoy the peanut sauce as it accompanied the chicken skewer well.

Are you vegetarian? No worries! PappaRich will cater to your needs. The dishes below are all vegetarian! Vegetarian Shiew Mai (middle plates), vegetarian Fu Chook Roll (left plates) and vegetarian Shui Kau (right plates)

Stalker photos of Poh! Oh how unprofessional are we? (continues to photograph Poh)

Pappa Delicious concoction - No need to review this again. Coconut Paradise!

Matcha Rocks and Vanny's drink (I think it's soya milk).

The eyedropping demonstration from the talented staff. Here's a video recorded with the iPhone6 (was recorded in slow motion)

We snapped some pictures of other foodies meals so we cannot talk on behalf of them. Feel free to check out there blogs though, I'm sure they would enjoy it :)

For some reason we both felt like Hainanese chicken (so weird). Matt got the Hainanese chicken with chicken rice and soup (below). The chicken was boneless, the rice nicely soaked up the sauce it came served with. It was a nice simple dish that you could not really go wrong with. Coming into summer, this dish might actually be a perfect choice as it is served cold!

I got the Dry Kway Teow with Hainanese chicken soaked in the same sauce as Matt's dish. It was really nice, the sauce was very tangy and this dish was VERY filling. You definitely need something to eat along with this dish to break up the strong flavour of the sauce. I did feel very bad leaving food behind, but as you can see from this post there was A LOT of food to be tasted. First world problems indeed....

Mid way through the meal and there is still food coming. Food Coma.

The owner of PappaRich Malaysian Delights Parramatta restaurant and Poh. We were lucky enough to hear the origins of Papparich and seeing their excitement when they share their delicious food with us.

Snapshots of Food (Matt and Christie) and Poh :)
Sorry Poh for all the pictures! But thank you as well for being so considerate and an overall great soul! It was a pleasure to meet you!

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