October 27, 2014
We recently dined at Vapiano and are dying to return! Perhaps a combined birthday celebration function? Who knows! Any excuse to return :)

Vapiano is a globally established restaurant and can be found in the following countries: United states of America, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia!

The cutest reservation board below which created a more personal atmosphere! 

This is the entrance. Doesn't it look bold?

Vapiano Bike (looks vintage).

I call these the spider lights.

Truly a different self service ordering system at Vapiano. You actually line up, grab a board and speak to the chef that will be making your food! The chef (we had a wonderful chef by the name of Ros) will recommend different ingredients that would go well with the dish you ordered. This way, your dish can be more unique and cooked to your liking.

Awaken your tastebuds spring menu!
We had the insalata caprese for starters.
We tried the Pasta Gamberi Con Rosso and Risotto Pollo levanto for mains.
The white choco cheesecake with salted caramel and honeycomb for dessert.

Handmade pastas in bags.

I learnt heaps about the different types of pasta!
We have never heard of campanelle, conchiglie, tagliatelle and pappardelle!! It's always nice to learn about the food you eat/cook.

Open kitchen self service ordering system. Greet your chef and order your main. 

You can appreciate when one truly enjoys their work. Ros had the biggest smile, lovely stories and bubbly personality. The vibe she gave off was so energetic, the energy transferred to us! We were watching her cook our mains whilst chatting, laughing and it almost seemed like two old friends were catching up! When we return, we would definitely wait again for her lovely customer service and delicious meal. Thank you Ros for making our evening so special.

Our romantic corner table :)

Insalata caprese
Buffalo mozzerlla, sliced tomato, basil and ciabatta.
We drizzled the balsamic vinegar and olive oil to our liking (we love strong flavours so we pretty much soaked our ciabatta). The ciabatta was lightly toasted. This dish worked well together and is a classic. 

Risotto Pollo levanto
Creamy risotto with chicken, bacon, red onion, garlic, chilli, topped with Parmesan and basil
Normally, when Matt enjoys his food the plate would be empty before it even gets placed in front of him. This is the only time I have seen food still on the plate half way through our meal. When asked why, he proclaimed that "he enjoyed it too much to eat it"!! 
Each mouthful was euphoria. Had we been drugged? LOL! The chicken was packing flavour, I think it might have been marinated beforehand? and the chilli gave it a nice little punch of flavour and surprisingly worked well with the creamy sauce. This was not your average risotto that's for sure.

Pasta Gamberi Con Rosso
Prawns, chilli, semi sun-dried tomatoes, and sun-dried tomato pesto. 
My first taste was WOW. The campanelle pasta was al dente and highly addictive. I had to take some fresh chilli off (too much of a punch) but loved the sundried tomatoes! The prawns were perfectly cooked (and had a generous serving). I used up the entire lemon wedge (made the whole dish surprisingly, sweeter)

White choco cheesecake with salted caramel and honeycomb
The salted caramel was slightly on the 'too salty' side on its own. It was of liquid consistency (not the chewy caramel which I was looking forward to). The cheesecake crumb was tasty and cheesecake itself was enjoyable. You can control the amount of honey comb you would like. 
So say stop whenever you like :) Everything together worked well but the dessert was unfortunately, on the salty side.

Staring at these cute pot plants makes me think I'm in a healthy cafe (just because I see greens infront of me)

A little garden-like interior in the CBD makes Vapiano pop and stand out from the rest.

This was our view when we looked up from our table.


Complimentary gummy bears!

Thanks Vapiano for the complimentary dishes from the Awaken your Tastebuds menu.
It was truly a wonderful dining experience. 
Thanks again Annie from The Random Food, we wouldn't have experienced this without you 

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