November 13, 2014
We purchased a Scoopon voucher for a 3 course meal at Eat Love Pizza and this is our review.

We love restaurants with balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side. We drown our toast with balsamic vinegar...

We started our meal off with a 2012 semillon sauvignon blanc from South Australia. 


Classic tomato bruschetta 

with vine ripened tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar. 

When the brsuchetta arrived, we that all? I truly hope this is the bruschetta for Scoopon diners otherwise I can't justify paying $12 for the dish below. It was ordinary and didn't really deliver... (wish we ordered the frittata instead - Frittata potato, caramelized onion and capsicum frittata with rocket salad)

crumbed risotto balls with tomato dipping sauce

The arancini balls were different to what we expected (as we compared it with Bondi Pizza's arancini balls). It was quite tasty but without the sauce, it would be bland. 

Four Cheese Pizza
Tomato base, taleggio, gorgonzola, scarmoza and parmesan

The pizza base was so thin and crispy. It wasn't heavy at all and was enjoyable. Loved the flavour (wasn't overly salty) and well balanced with the tomato base. Would order this dish over and over again!

Penne chicken
With sundried tomato and creamy pesto sauce topped with pine nuts and parmesan

The penne pasta was cooked al-dente and had a nice pesto flavour however we would've preferred if the dish had more sundried tomatoes (I could barely find any).

Rose and vanilla Panacotta 
with spiced marsala blueberries and biscotti 

Matt had a taste of this and squinted his eyes. He said the rose flavour was so strong that it felt like he was tasting perfume. I on the otherhand didn't taste the rose flavour (it was very very subtle). Great consistency and a nice biscotti to finish the dish.The blueberries were not sour as well (YAY).

Classic homemade tiramisu
Pictures don't lie, this Tiramisu was very moist! It was enjoyable, shame we couldn't finish it because we ate too much already! There was chocolate powder and chocolate sauce drizzled on the plate which totally overpowered the dish. So while the tiramisu was nice, I could mostly taste the standard out of the bottle chocolate sauce.

Another wine glass shot.

The interior of Eat Love Pizza

Eat Love Pizza regularly appears on Scoopon so not to worry! 
There's always next time.

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