Ippudo Sydney 一風堂シドニー | CBD

Want to find the BEST ramen in Sydney? Well look no further as it may be closer than you think! Thanks to the lovely Narisa from SD Marketing Global, we sampled the following dishes from IPPUDO Ramen restaurant - Sydney:
  • Lychee Cosmopolitan ($16) a recommended cocktail
  • Asahi - Japanese Beer happy hour price ($7), normally $9.
  • Ippudo Bun Collection - chicken, prawn and pork
  • Akamaru Shinaji ($16)
  • Shojin ($15)
IPPUDO is simply not only one of the BEST ramen in Sydney but I'm sure their ramen are highly recommended all around the world stopping at Japan, New York, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines WOW!!

Before you dine, be sure to wipe your hands for a refreshing feel with IPPUDO's warm hand towel.

Wow, the roof looks like an oscillation... wheee

The cutest hub dining space!

Look at the pattern on the wall.

And viola, the grant entrance! 

IPPUDO was founded in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara (an internationally renowned Ramen King). That could possibly explain why the ramen is highly recommended hey? We thought we had great ramen previously but not anymore. Not after we've tasted IPPUDO's ramen.

Our ramen were cooked al-dente (yes, it is a thing! Something we learned tonight). DID YOU KNOW that IPPUDO ramen is made depending on the climate and temperature and it also combines both local (Aussie) and Japanese ingredients together (so it's authentic and slightly fusion at the same time).

Anyway, before we get carried away with all the ramen talk, let's begin the traditional way with entree, mains and drinks!

For entree, we sampled the IPPUDO buns!! (OHHHHHH WOWWWW)

Three hot steamy buns coming our way. They were amazingly soft and bouncy ;) 
Loved the texture! 


This was my favourite bun out of the three! The pork was cooked to perfection and each bite I took, it just melted off like butter into my mouth. The sauce...... WHAT IS THE RECIPE?! It's amazing. I guess that's why it's IPPUDO's original sauce. 

The chicken was very moist. Matt's favourite bun of the evening. However, trying to get the bun into your mouth was a totally different story in itself!
(I beg to differ as I loved the pork bun). 

 Lovely crunch and great flavours. Definitely a popular choice! The added chilli gives it a great buzz and a nice twist when comparing it to the other two.
IPPUDO original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, pork belly,black mushroom and shallots.A refined, modern-style ramen. This has to be the best ramen I have tasted. The broth has a very strong taste but at the same time the taste does not linger like most ramen tasted before. The al-dente ramen gave the dish a whole new texture, and the meat was very tender so it was very easy to break apart.
I really did enjoy this ramen, I will see you again good friend.

SHOJIN is a vegetarian ramen and aims to bring out the original flavours of the ingredients and is a cuisine of devotion to details. No wonder why the dish left a very clear, light and refreshing taste on my palette. It had a very strong mushroom aftertaste. It is served with deep fried vegetable kakiage. Something that surprised me was the deep fried almond! There were almond, diced capsicum, onions, shallots and carrots. However, the taste of the capsicum over-powered the other ingredients. So if you love your capsicum, definitely order this dish! It was also served with soy protein wrapped in seaweed (had a bubble squeak texture and was a nice crunch).

Oh how could I forget to mention the Egg! This was not included with the original dish, however I really wanted to try this as I have heard so many good reviews about it. The manager was happy enough to sneak one in for us! You can probably tell from the photo above, but it definitely did not disappoint!!!

We felt bad for taking our time (even though we only dined for an hour!) as a line started forming out front. People must know how good the ramen is, or they just want to be welcomed by 5 guys loudly yelling "IRASSHAIMASE" (which mean welcome) at them when they enter the door :P

A japanese Beer ($7) happy hour price, normally $9.
Beer is beer. But I prefer Asahi because it is a lot lighter than others.

A recommended cocktail. Yum! The lychee cosmo was great, you could really taste the Lychee Liqueur! However given my big sweet tooth, I would have preferred it to be a little sweeter (first time trying a cosmo, so didn't know what to expect!).

Be sure to check out the Central Park store as well! :)

Snapshots of Food dined as guests of SD Marketing Global however opinions are expressed as our own. Thanks again Narisa for the invitation - it was so nice to finally meet you :)

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