November 24, 2014
The Meat and Wine Co, would come back for the food - not the service! We dined here for a special occasion as we had heard very good reviews on the food. They were not wrong that's for sure, but it's such a shame the wait staff were very abrupt and it took a long while for our food to come out.
Don't get me wrong, everyone has their bad days... but he just did not seem interested at all to serve us. Would have been at 9/10 review otherwise!

We sat down around 7pm whilst there was still sunlight. The views were amazing as we were seated on the second level. We requested a window seat when we booked, and they happily obliged. We were so happy!

Customised steak knife (oo, so fancy!) - These things weigh a tonne as well! 
First class knives for first class steaks! =P

Nicely presented.

Enjoying our view.... It was fun to play a game trying to guess the history of the bypasses. But it got boring during the hour+ wait for our meals.

Finally, our food arrived. I don't know exactly how long we waited for food but I was not impressed. Though, the food was great. The ribs were amazing (hard call to compare it with Hurricanes now). The meat was a lot harder to take off the bone, yet it was very soft and tender. They know how to cook the ribs well!
 The sauce was a Creamy Garlic sauce ($4 each) and wow it was nice. The crunchy chips were OH SO heavenly crunchy... we finished the whole thing!

Matt's 125 Day Grain-fed Rib-Eye steak cooked medium rare. We had very litte lighting so it was hard to see the consistency of the steak. But what I did see, it was perfectly cooked. The outside was hard enough that you had to apply force with your knife, but once penetrated it just slides through the soft meat in the middle. Perfectly complimented with the Portugese Chilli, Cream and Garlic sauce and a side of crunchy chips! Would order this AGAIN! 
(and again, and again, if we were rich that is...)

I love onion rings and ordered onion rings as a 'side' dish. I was expecting a couple of pieces but MY MOUTH DROPPED when I saw the size of the 'side' dish! It was more like an entree or something. It was nice but so is anything deep fried. I still can't find any onion rings when looking back on the photo. It was a different variation, but still had the same flavours (of course!).

The Lemon-Lime bitters was alright. I have tasted better.

Matt tried this at the Good Food and Wine show, and has been talking about it ever since. 
He must be an Ale guy....

Overall, the food was amazing but the staff were not. I don't think they even said more than 10 words to us the whole night! BUT, don't let this be the decider. Go there, try it for yourself and ENJOY the food. We will be back regardless of the staff :)

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