January 23, 2015
Aqua S released the two new flavours; Lychee and Black Sesame! 
I love black sesame icecream so I just had to try it. Plus, black sesame is highly nutritious so the icecream is automatically healthy....... ;)
The flavour was great, not too heavy or strong and icecream was smooth and creamy. 
A winner for me!
(Matt didn't like it so he enjoyed the strawberry pocky and toasted marshmellow)


We told you we would be back! As flavours change every two weeks, I really wanted to try the lemon tea flavour before it was gone!

The lemon tea flavour reminded me of the VITA lemon tea drink but with 10x more flavour.
It was extremely sour but worked well with the fairy floss. Couldn't imagine how it would taste on its own though. I'm still in love with the biscotti flavour! 

I'm secretly hoping for a taro and fairy floss flavour (in light pink), How pretty would the picture be? 

I noticed the fairyfloss this time around was bigger in size in comparison to our first visit.
You can't even see the cone! But I ain't complaining... the more the better!

23rd January 2015 post below.

We don't normally join in on the hype but we couldn't resist ourselves this time! 

The unique Sea Salt Soft Serve from Aqua S. 
You can choose from a cone, small cup or a large cup.
YES! It is a dark chocolate cone!!

Above are the prices. Why not get all toppings? It's only $8. 
It's worth the hype, experience, wait and everything! 

What does all toppings include? Popping candy, sweet popcorn, fairy floss and grilled marshmallows. YES, IT'S SUPER STICKY!

Ready for the icecream to drip all over your fingers and hand? 
Make sure you take advantage of the serviette there!

The question everyone is dying to ask.... 
HOW WAS IT?!?!??!!??!

It's definitely unique to say the least. Our first taste of the sea salt soft serve was *KA POW*
The saltiness took over - it was REALLY strong. Then we started to eat it with the fairy floss and popcorn. The saltyness and sweetness from all the sugary goodness worked well together. 
I probably won't get the soft serve on its own though.
We had the biscotti flavour at the bottom of the cone (it's usually twisted but the machine wasn't working that night). We highly, HIGHLY recommend the biscotti flavour!
Apparently there's also lemon tea flavour.... 


Aqua S is the Best :)

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