January 18, 2015
You know a restaurant must be good when there's always a queue! 
Tan Viet Noodle House is definitely a must visit when heading out west. 

Crispy chicken and tomato rice.
Lovely dish and the pickled cabbage and carrot gives the dish a whole new flavour. 
It leaves a sweet and salty aftertaste! Wash it down with the complimentary soup.
The crispy chicken skin is wafer thin and not oily at all.

Wonton noodle
The soup was clear and well balanced. The wonton had a strong seafood taste.
As bad as this sounds, I think this is the best comfort dish when you are sick. And is probably a perfect dish to warm you up in winter! 

Lots of sauce! I think the sauces include: oyster sauce and soy sauce. Maybe there's fish sauce too? Not too sure... but there's definitely fresh chilli to give any dish a bit of a kick!

The famous Tan Viet Noodle House sign.

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