Waffle Bant | Liverpool Westfield

Waffle Bant opened in Liverpool Westfield just under 3 months and we can't believe we only found out now!!!

On a shopping date with my bestie (who is a crazy chocolate lover and crazy in general), it was inevitable that I would be dragged in to Waffle Bant. I didn't have my camera on me so the photo quality is probably different but I just had to blog about how good Waffle Bant's waffles were!!!

A very rustic feel when stepping inside Waffle Bant. 

I love displays of food (at least, I know what I can expect). 
But my Oreo waffle was a HUGE surprise.

White choco waffle 
Premium hand made waffle made of premium white chocolate. The thing that amazed us was how the white chocolate 'slice' had Waffle Bant imprinted on it!!! 

Oreo waffle
ooOooo where do I start? The waffle was sweet, crunchy and buttery. It was so tasty and surprisingly, I wasn't feeling 'sick' in the stomach afterwards. I don't know about you but when I had something sweet, my stomach feels weird... I usually need something savory to cure it.

This Oreo heavenly waffle came with smashed up Oreo pieces, mascarpone gelato (it's super soft and light) and to top it off.............white chocolate drizzle. 
Oh boy, you wonder why we are hooked on you.

Again, not the best photos but is HIGHLY recommended from us. 

We had Waffle Bant withdrawal symptoms....
My bestie texted me a day after the incident... 
"omg let's go back to waffle bant....im going to randomly pull you out one day to get waffles with me"

Best friends can get fat together. 

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