February 08, 2015
American Cheese
Grass fed Beef, Cheese, Onion, Pickles, Secret Sauce and Rose Mayonnaise.

The Burger Project has had its fair share of scrutiny since opening, and for that reason we had never really gone out of our way to try this place. My new job locates me 5 minutes from World Square, so I had no real reason to avoid it anymore. Besides, recently there were reviews stating that the joint had completely turned around! So I took a good hour off for lunch (you will need it as it gets quite busy) and decided to purchase the American Cheese burger, Chips and a drink. Overall, it cost me over $18 for a meal, which is somewhat ludicrous to begin with. Personal tip, the drink is full of ice and is not worth the $3.50 they charge. Still on the topic of "oh no they didn't"'s, there were two different types of Cheeseburgers on the menu, the difference between the two was that one had a "Rose Mayonnaise" added to the burger. The difference in price was $1. I cannot justify an additional $1 for sauce, but that said I did purchase the more expensive burger.

Chipolte Chilli

Alright rant over. On to the positives.
Generous thick patty, smothered with two different types of sauces, pickles (I LOVE PICKLES), onions and two layers of melted American yellow cheese. All while being served on a greasy mess that is called a bun. Simply put, it was brilliant! The best thing about it was the fact that I felt both satisfied and yet still wanting more. It was a real dirty burger that made you consider a gym membership! Brief mention of the sauces - YUM! I would love to know what that secret sauce is so I can make it myself and dip every piece of food I eat for the rest of my life in it.
The chips were nothing too special. The seasoning was nice but was lacking the chilli it specified on the menu. It reminded me of the shaker fries that Oportos were giving out not too long ago.

Overall, when comparing this burger to the likes of Grill'd or Mary's, I personally think this comes out on top. The portion and taste makes it a great eat if you don't mind clogging your arteries. We will be back, in fact my calendar already has a date set for next Friday! Can't wait to try the double, or even the chilli cheese!

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