March 01, 2015
We've heard great things about Mrs P's and finally had the time to brunch there! 
It's a small, cute little corner cafe just a short walk from Burwood station. The only negative is the price which I found was a little too dear...

Matt ordered from the special menu and I ordered from their normal menu.

Fried Sage Potatos with Eggs and Kransky (Matt's)
Served with two fried eggs and a cheese kransky sausage. 

When my plate came out I was really impressed by the presentation, at the same time I was also very disappointed by the fact that it was literally as stated on the menu, nothing looked like It would fill me up. Boy was I wrong, I was struggling to eat my last bite, but the food was that tasty I couldn't leave any food on the plate as t would be a disgrace of my foodie license, as well as a dishonour to the chef. The potatoes were really filling and everything worked well together. I would suggest perhaps a bit of salt for the egg, but that's just my liking. The kransky was definitely the winner on the plate, cheese pops out when you cut into it... yum.... I just wish there was more kransky and less potato. 

Potato Eggs Benedict (Christie's)
Homemade potato cakes, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with bacon.

My only hesitation when ordering this dish was the potato cakes would be smashed up and floury. To my surprise, the potato cake had chunks of potatoes! A very satisfied stomach :) 
The bacon was crunchy and egg was perfectly poached. I would've preferred a stronger hollandaise sauce. 

Parker's organic lightly sparking passionfruit and orange
100% juice with no added sugar
I always feel guilty when ordering a drink, especially when the food I'm eating is already fatty enough. This wasn't the case as it was lightly sparkling which means it's better right? Or just not as bad? Right?

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