Ramen O-san | Chinatown

Hidden away in Dixon Street, Chinatown is a small food court which many of the regular visitors know about. Inside the food court is a newly opened Ramen O-san! We were given the option to try anything on the menu, but was recommended the Tonkotsu Ramen! Thanks again SD marketing and Washoku lovers for the ramen!

We love their little mascot! It almost resembles the Kernel from KFC!

Their Menu is limited, however there are a handful of additional topping that can be added for a small price. This allows different variations of much loved ramen tastes to be created! We both opted for a Marinated Boiled Egg, while Christine also added the Cloud Ear Mushroom!

Garlic? Yes please!
Chilli? Definitely!
Anything else? NOPE!

Shallot Tonkatsu Ramen with Marinated Boiled Egg and Cloud Ear Mushroom
The broth is very thick in comparison with other ramen we have tried. It was very heavy on the stomach, so probably not a great idea to eat for Brunch (we found out the hard way). The noodles were also not as good as Ippudo (sorry to compare), but for a small restaurant, it was pretty damn tasty! The pork was a little chewy, but the broth made up for it. It was not overpowering, but it had a very subtle taste that remained on your palette sometime after taking a bite!

Black Garlic Tonkatsu Ramen with Marinated Boiled Egg and CHILLI
The broth was just as good as the other ramen (DURH because they probably used the same broth!). However this had an added twist of black garlic which gave it a hell of a flavour impact! Christine couldn't help but steal from my bowl!

The marinated boiled egg is beauty in itself. Perfectly boiled so that when you crack it open (and boy it is easy to do) the yolk flows out, giving an added taste to the already great broth! We were curious how they got the egg so pefect, so we searched it up. It is actually quite interesting! By poking a pin hole in both ends of the egg before boiling, it will ensure a hard boiled egg remains runny inside!

The Verdict: Would we go back? Yes, for a casual lunch that is both tasty and cheap! That said, I would probably make the effort to travel a little further and visit Ippudo for a better ramen. This place is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area!

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