April 10, 2015
Driftwood on the Bay has the friendliest staff and is a hidden gem in La Perouse! A delightful cafe experience with a view. Here's what we had to eat:

200g beef patty, lettuce, tomato, aioli, onion jam and beetroot. 
This was Matt's burger. How did it compare with other burger chains you ask? It tasted more like a beef burger you would find in your school canteen (sorry to say!). It was very dry, but the moments where I did have some of that onion jam and aioli were good.

Homemade chicken schnitzel with roma tomato, herbed mayo and mix lettuce. 
The chicken is so crunchy and moist - I had to steal a bite from my sister. 
They must have put some magical spices in the chicken! It was great!

Poached eggs benedict with double smoked bacon and spinach. 
Generous serving of hollandaise sauce, bacon and spinach! Was quite tasty and the bacon was nice and crispy. I would love more of that bacon to snack on as I'm writing this actually! However my stomach felt sick afterwards. It was probably too rich. That said, I would order it again. 

Smoked salmon, baby spinach, rocket, cucumber tomato, avocado and mixed herbs. 
My mother enjoyed her salad very much. The mountain of smoked salmon resulted in leftover food. This dish can feed heaps of people! Love the perfectly ripened avocado on the side as well.

Cafe interior with hanging nutella tubs, polaroids and a great rustic feel.

Menu on the board

Here's a few delicious and guilty drinks ;-)

Enjoy the amazing view around La Perouse as well.
ahhh nooooo >_<

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