Ribs and Burgers | Central Park

Ribs and Burgers looks to be quite a new additional to the Central Park area. It is the perfect cross between a Burger shack, a bar and a restaurant. To be quite obvious, yes they sell both burgers AND ribs. Such a great combination and I am surprised this hasn't been done before
(correct me if I am wrong).

Their setup is quite unique. They give you a watering can with all your cutlery and their special sauces (will get back to those amazing sauces), each with a number to allocate your seating. We thought it was kind of cool!

Okay, now onto those sauces. We ordered an aoili for our large serving of chips and we were fighting over the placement of the saucer. It was amazing.... Then we tried their ready made available sauces in our little watering can and had a total crazy moment for a while. Everything edible some how ended up with sauce on it.. it was not your average Barbeque or Tomato sauce that is for sure.

We came for Burgers!

with American cheese
This burger was popping with flavour. The meat was a very nice shade of pink throughout and the aforementioned sauce just made this burger something else. As much as we enjoy the sloppy, oily bun that you would normally find at Mary's or The Burger Project, it was a nice change to have a bun with substance. As you can see, the bun to filling ration is quite good too =)

Beef Rib Burger
with coleslaw
For a limited time (I believe sometime mid June) they are offering a burger which combines the two things they specialise in. Ribs and Burgers, the Beef Rib Burger!
Matt loves his beef ribs, any chance he could, he would most likely order them from the menu so needless to say his eyes widened when he saw this. Unfortunately it didn't really live up to his hype, the beef rib patty was great, but the whole burger was somewhat dry. There wasn't enough supporting actors (lettuce, sauce, pickles etc.) to help make the star (the beef patty) shine. It wasn't so bad to stop eating it, so it was still enjoyable but the next time around Matt will be going for something similar to the Cheese! Perhaps the El Mexicano?!

Overall. This place was amazing. Great vibe, great atmosphere, great service and most importantly great food (oh and company =P). To quote Arnie, i'll be back!

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