Vivid Sydney 2015 | Circular Quay, The Rocks, Campbell's Cove, Martin Place, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Central Park, Pyrmont and The Star [ WE WON A LENOVO YOGA PRO 2 FROM INTEL ]

Vivid Sydney is such a unique experience with light, music and ideas! Places we visited includes: Circular Quay, The Rocks, Campbell's Cove, Martin Place, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Central Park, Pyrmont and The Star.

We managed to cover off all these areas in the matter of two nights, so time does not give you an excuse not to go! Asde from all the amazing light displays, Vivid is also a breeding ground of unique (and recurring) food trucks that just make our mouth drool. This is definitely what Matt looks forward to when I talk to him about Vivid! 

This is the foodie central for all food lovers and if you are into the latest technology, Martin Place should be on the top of your list, and if that doesn't get you off your seat and headed to Vivid, there is a Cow and the Moon stand here.... That is all I need to say.

Drums!! Watch how they change colour as you beat away at them!

We played around with Intel's RealSense technology - it recognize facial expressions and hand gestures.If you have deep pockets then you can grab one for yourself - Devices with Intel RealSense

You will be somewhat disappointed with the Drone cage. We lined up for 15 minutes where others had lined up for 45 hoping to get to fly one of the drones. Unfortunately it is only a demonstration, so don't get your hopes up! We are glad that we left early and didn't stay to watch.

Food glorious food.... we were disappointed that Messina is not here! But my eyes exploded when I saw Cow and the Moon! I've always wanted to try Cow and the Moon but the queues are ridiculous. Before we move onto dessert, we need some quick savoury fix. 

Tsuru Food Truck
BBQ Hot and Spicy Pork Bao
The chips were overly seasoned so I was so thirsty afterwards. But it was great, crunchy and highly addictive. The chicken was well flavoured and oh-so-soft. The overall Bao was amazing, we wanted to stock up for winter and try all the other flavours too! A little negative was that it was definitely not hot and spicy, there was now KAPOW!

You know when you take a bite and the whole chicken falls out? This didn't happen! YAY! 

Food Art Truck
We made a mess and dropped our Crispy Chicken bun with Japanese Mayo =( we did however manage to save some. The chicken was crunchy but overcooked so it was dry throughout. The bun was just too much for my liking. We didn't take a photo as it was a mess....

Cow and the Moon
Caramel Popcorn and Balsamic Vinegar gelato
Finally, what's our verdict on Cow and the Moon? Is it the best gelato ever? Well, it's definitely creamy and the caramel popcorn was TO DIE FOR. The balsamic vingegar gelato was overhyped. To me, it was just vanilla gelato with swirls of chocolate and balsamic vinegar
(if you get some that is)

Circular Quay 
Be sure to go early to avoid the crowd, as Circular Quay gets quite busy! Undoubtedly, Circular Quay is the best spot for Vivid. See what we snapped up below! 

Don't miss this! It's inside the overseas passenger terminal building. 

I love my photos... we spent 1.5 hours in the Canon HQ and it was well worth the wait.
Get your free photos printed using your SD Card, USB or SmartPhone (if you have a USB charger)

Otherwise, just stroll around the Quay. We started to walk around the Wharf to Cambpell's cove, then took a turn towards the Rocks and backtracked through there. Then we visited the Opera House side before leaving. This was probably the best route to try and avoid large queues. Have a look at some of our pictures below!

Control the lights on The Star with Mission Control. It was such a great and fun experience. Highly recommended. We went on the first night of Vivid and luckily, the rain held out and it was only sprinkling so we had no queues. 

You can hit the drums and create your electronic firework
(We found this quite pointless and boring)

Food lovers - here's your sweet fix. The Star has a pop up stall with dessert and sweet fixes. It's reasonably priced as well but we didn't grab one. 

Definitely stay for the water show and fireworks. Well worth the wait, hype and your time. Make sure to stick around for the 7pm water show! It was amazing to see how the lights dance with the water. So pretty!

Central Park 
Great intimate area to view the projection at Central Park. We also had dinner at Ribs and Burgers. It was great (review up shortly). There's also a silent disco section.
It was quite funny to watch a group of people dancing silently with glowing neon headphones! 

Sydney Opera House
Ahh, the iconic landmark of Sydney. What more do I need to say? She’s beautiful.

The bridge passing Park Hyatt was quite crowded from people looking at the Selfie area.  I think they were searching for the entrance (like us). The entrance was actually on the other side of the bridge and once you have taken your photo, you have to make your way through the crowd AGAIN!!!!!

I really liked this display…. 

Vegetarian Fried rice with the Chilli jam chicken

This was nice and it was great to warm our hands on a such a cold night, but it was REALLY SWEET. TOO SWEET. OVERLY SWEET.
It was almost like someone probably added more sugar instead of salt. =P

The rocks had a number of hidden displays so make sure you look through every nook and cranny. There is also a night market that we are told is very good, unfortunately by the time we got to the rocks it was too late. Do make sure to check the BBC light video projected under the Argyle bridge!

This laneway was so romantic and cozy. It was getting late which meant less people so we actually got to enjoy this display.

Overall, we had a great time once again at Vivid and can’t wait for the next one.  
It was more entertaining than last year, and the flow of people was much more organized! In terms of food, it was better than last year. In terms of entertainment, it seemed to be lacking a bit. Take us back to 2014!

Vivid runs from 22 May to 08 June, so you have plenty of time to check this out for yourself!