June 01, 2015
Cheap dining spot with a view? You gotta grab yourself a Scoopon deal (when it next comes up again) to St George Sailing Club. We enjoyed our three course meal with 6 people as a birthday celebration for my Grandma. Our table was reserved right near the breathtaking wall to floor window (photo at the bottom). Just a surreal, calm and great atmosphere.
We noticed this place was also great for birthdays as we were seated next to two birthdays! 
It is also converted into a large function area when booked 
(My friend held their engagement party here).

We were a little disappointed that we couldn't exchange our wine vouchers for soft drink. Normally with scoopons they are quite lenient, but not here. The food and service was great so it didn't bother us too much.

 Let's dig in!

Garlic and Herb bread
For entrĂ©e we had a choice between garlic bread or herb bread. Since we had 3 vouchers, we selected 2 garlic bread and 1 herb bread. Would've liked more crunch but the garlic was definitely a hit. 

Seafood platter for 2
We were the centre of attention when our three seafood platter arrived. Everyone was looking at our table.The chips were a miss but I loved everything else from the prawns, mussels, fried perch, golden calamari rings and oysters! The oysters were actually the highlight of the meal, everyone seemed to be wanting more and fighting over the remaining survivors.

Dessert of the day
I like not knowing what to expect. It was not consistent though, we had one plate with a chocolate cake slice and the other two without any chocolate slice (perhaps they ran out of cake?). We enjoyed the dessert, however we had to share a small slice of chocolate cake between 6 people as we all wanted that. The custard tart was good too, but it was nothing like the chocolate cake!

What a wonderful lunch it was…. after we finished everything on our table, we headed off outside on the wharf to take some pictures. It was a great day, perfect weather and an enjoyable Scoopon experience (where we were left feeling like full paying customers). 

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