August 31, 2015

Derauma is one of those restaurants that you would return to. Ever since we dined here, Matt has returned at least once a week for lunch! I wish I worked closer so I too can enjoy Derauma.


You know when you are indecisive and you're up next to order at the counter? Do you ever get that feeling of feeling pressured? On one end, I don't want to line up again. On the other end, I don't want to order something I won't enjoy. Well, you won't have that issue at Derauma!
The inviting open space menu allows you to decide on your meal without feeling pressured.

After you order your meal, you can choose to watch in Derauma's cooking in action window or sit back and relax. What a better way to relax with your FREE choice of lemon, barley or green tea with the Washoku Lovers Card. Haven't signed up yet? Find out more here.

We ordered two signature dishes and a salad from Derauma; tamago-toji bowl, the sauce-katsu bowl and a special gourmet salad with any three topping of choice. 

Toji-Chicken Katsu
Crumbed deep fried chicken, onion and shallot cooked in 2 eggs on rice.
For someone like me, I ordered the regular choice and couldn't finish it! The serving is so generous and delicious. I don't normally enjoy eating rice because it's bland. I love rice that is smothered with sauce or fried. This Toji Chicken Katsu was packed with flavour, the chicken was moist, egg was silky smooth and everything worked well together.

Stewed Wagyu Beef Salad 
Stewed sliced wagyu beef with vegetables and sweet corn kernals, tofu and egg.
You can't really see the toppings because they are all buried underneath the nooldes and beef. Normally when you think of a salad, you think of something small and light. This bowl was humongous and could easily feed two people!  

Sauce-Pork Katsu
Crumbed deep fried pork tenderloin with coleslaw, mayo, picked radish and special sauce on rice
This was the winner. The amount of mayo over the pork katsu was desirable for us. The special sauce (whatever it is) is really tasty, yet overpowering, however if you had a salad on the side you could easily overcome this! Everything worked perfectly on this dish except for the picked radish ofcourse because we don't enjoy it. 

Snapshots of Food was invited to dine at Derauma by Washoku Lovers.

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