September 20, 2015
We've read mixed reviews about the steak... but it literally melted like butter in my mouth. The sauce can have a bit more of a kick/ka-pow/zing and was very watery but the vingarette dressing from the salad made up for the lack of seasoning in the sauce.

Lemon lime and bitters (our go to drink in summer)

Hoggies Loaded Potato Skins - The Sicilian
 Marinated tomato and basil salsa topped with cheddar cheese and grilled to golden brown. Served with spicy salsa to turn up the heat.

What a delicious snack! The sweet and chilli sauce as decoration was not needed at all 
(the salsa was amazing)

Calamari Balsamic 
Salt and pepper calamari drizzled with honey sweet chilli sauce, on lettuce, carrots, cucumber, mixed beans, red onion rings and cherry tomato with balsamic Italian vinaigrette.
Perfectly cooked calamari (did not leave an oily aftertaste) and was an enjoyable dish. The salad was soaked with dressing (let me tell you, they are not stingy with the dressing). I really enjoyed the dish but (i know this sounds silly) there was way too much salad on the plate. I reckon Matt's side salad would've satisfied filled me up.

Calamari Prime Rib
Tender Prime Rib topped with salt and pepper crumbed calamari rings and honey sweet chilli sauce  
I've learnt a very important lesson when going to Hogs Breath... Pay extra for one of the slow cooked steaks! Last time we dined here the steak was dry and just not really edible. This time however, it was very moist and didn't even need any of that delightful sauce! Anything chargrilled really gets my juices flowing! The calamari was just bland, i didn't really enjoy it at all. However, the curly fries are really oily and naughty to go along with such a large serving of salad. Make sure you bring your fat pants and definitely try not to plan any other activities afterwards. 
We were silly enough to want to walk Cronulla beach, we didn't get far....

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