September 06, 2015
I'm so glad that more great restaurants are opening up in Parramatta! We were house hunting in Westmead and thought to drop by Parramatta for lunch. Located on Church street, we walked past "Something Nice" to find Something Better. What do we have?.... Jamie's Italian Trattoria! 

The restaurant's theme was VERY rustic and it truly kept to theme. Even the ceilings were covered in floorboards! To continue the rustic/family thee, the waitress was equally warm and welcoming. They are trained to know the menu and they purposely leave items off the menu to allow the waitress to engage with the customer more. So make sure to ask about their hidden treats!

Matt's Drink: Pale Ale from local Parramatta breweries. It's quite a dark pale ale, but it was light, crisp and CAME IN A WINE GLASS! Jamie sure know's how to please me. Make's me feel fancy, sipping my beer from a wine glass, pinky up and all.

Polenta Chips
Ever since we tried polenta chips at the Taste of Sydney (Porteno), I am hooked on it. I tried making it myself but it is just way too much effort! So when I saw this on the menu, It was a must have. Great subtle flavours! However, the herbs started to become annoying after a while.

Lamb and Ricotta Ravioli 
Delicate pasta parcels stuffed with braised Aussie lamb, creamy ricotta, lemon, mint and herby breadcrumbs. Don't you love the colour of this dish? I certainly do! Matt generously let me sample a ravioli and the first thing (strangely enough) that came into my mind was TOM YUM. I swear the sauced tasted like tom yum to me. Be sure to dig around the sauce as well. Matt thought he had no more ricotta, but hidden underneath all the ravioli was a treasure chest of cheese!

Porcini Fettuccine
Wild mushrooms, mascarpone, garlic, white wine, lemony gremolata, parmesan and herby breadcrumbs. Even though Matt hates the texture of mushrooms, he doesn't mind the taste. I kept feeding him some of my fettuccine because when something is good, you just want to share it! 
I really loved this dish (and would definitely order it again) but I will certainly not drizzle my pasta with all the breadcrumbs at once. Loved the creamy texture and fresh pasta. I would've preferred a slice of lemon on the side for that extra zing but this was an enjoyable dish.

We went during Winter but it was such a HOT day! It reached up to 27 degrees!!
We are definitely not complaining about that. Would we be back to Jamie's Italian Trattoria? YES PLEASE! We are planning our next visit already! =)

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