Revolver | Annandale

My foodie BFF Maggie and I decided to have an adventurous day out exploring the city via light rail. The main reason for our light rail journey was to visit Revolver Cafe in Annandale. If you are lazy like us, catch the light rail to Roselle Bay and it's a short walk on Annandale street to Revolver!

You can spot this cafe from a mile away so you won't miss it at all.
We ordered the avo smash, big breakfast, chai latte with honey on the side and a gigantic milkshake! No, the milkshake didn't have all the crazy whipped cream, random sweets and stuff like that.

Avo Eggs
Scrambled eggs, avocado, roast tomato, Danish fetta, rocket, salsa verde and sourdough toast
The sourdough was crunchy and the grilled tomato was super juicy. I left the rockets though as they were slightly on the bitter side (but it's probably just my excuse to not eat my greens)

Big Breakfast
Free range bacon, pork and fennel sausage, pork shoulder, baked eggs, roast tomato, roast field mushrooms in beans with sourdough toast. This was Maggie's dish and I could see her enjoying every single bite. She obviously couldn't finish it, I mean just LOOK at the size of that!

Spicy Chai
Because I like my chai super duperly sweet, I had finished pouring the honey serving on the side, added some more sugar and enjoyed it.

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