October 25, 2015
KUJIN is located in the heart of Elizabeth Bay - just a short walk from Kings Cross station. KUJIN specialises in Izakaya style Teppanyaki and home made noodles. It homes a romantic atmosphere that could make the most tense of people relaxed - if you sit at the Teppanyaki bar, you might also be entertained! After dining at KUJIN we took a stroll to Rushcutter's Bay Park to digest and enjoy the weekend. 

Japanese Salad
Start off with a nice refreshing salad which came as a side dish to our plain udon. This salad was different to what we normally expect from a Japanese salad (there's no corn kernels!). The Japanese salad is the perfect way to break up the sometimes strong flavours you might find with many dishes.

Miso Soup
Get your soup on when you order a bento box! Matt loves a good miso soup but says they all taste the same. I'd have to agree this time.

Pork Gyoza
Super juicy pork gyoza and served sizzling hot! The base was fried extra crispy and it had a juicy pork filling. The dish didn't even need the sauce to be enjoyable. The only regret was not ordering more! 

Soft Shell Crab Karaage
Udon aside, this soft shell crab was Christie's highlight of the day! 
The crab was lightly battered in a mixture of spices which ensured it was tasty. It was then deep fried to perfection. If it wasn't in my stomach at the point of tasting this dish, I would definitely "fist bump" the crab above for tasting so great! Unfortunately soft shell crab is high in cholesterol, otherwise we would have ordered 3 more!

Low carb high protein bento box
Normally you would expect to find a serving of rice or noodles with your bento box. While there was an option to add rice, Kujin offers guests a protein packing experience that any gym junkie would approve. Presenting the Wagyu beef and Chicken Terriyaki bento box!

The beef was pleasantly sweet and salty. It was the stand-out of the bento box. 

The chicken is not your average teriyaki chicken. It had been lightly fried as opposed to placed where each side is grilled to a crisp. The other difference was that the chicken was moist and considerably tender. The only thing I could wish more of was that teriyaki sauce!

Normally, we're not the biggest fan of raw salmon and tuna. We often leave it to last and will always end up not finishing it. We hate to see food go to waste but it seems to be a mandatory side in a bento box. Thankfully Christie had a second stomach and was happy to gobble it up!

Plain Udon
The udon at Kujin is homemade and prepared daily. I really love it when Udon/Ramen restaurants take the time and effort to make their own noodles. It really makes their food taste like authentic Japanese food. The other thing worth noting is that the noodles are cooked to order and arrives to your table in the same plate it was cooked in! Then you find that lovely little white gem witting upon the clear broth, the egg. It was poached to perfection, a quick poke to it's core and it exploded throughout our noodles. We're adding this to our winter warmer collection!

Matcha Icecream
Complimentary matcha icecream when you show your Washoku Lover's card.
We loved the combination of the matcha ice-cream and toffee like syrup. Then you add the grainy red beans and you have yourself a little treat to finish of your meal!

You can sign up here for Washoku Lover's benefits. Thank you again Washoku Lover's and Kujin Restaurant where we were treated to great customer service throughout the lunch service. 

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