December 03, 2015
We celebrated our 5th anniversary and as a newly engaged couple at Giro Osteria. We love Italian food because it reminds us of when we initially started dating. We used to eat out at Italian restaurants all the time (because Matt through it was romantic!)... So this definitely brought back memories. 

Located just a short walk from Cronulla beach is Giro Osteria. We loved the service, ambiance and outdoor seating area. We just had a nice easy lunch with two mains, one entree and a drink (Christie unfortunately had a headache so she just had water).

Polenta and Parmesan chips with truffle sauce
These super tasty polenta chips are amazing - seriously - If I had to choose a dish to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose these!! Each chip was super crunchy but hot and fluffy in the middle. The sauce complimented the chips VERY well, as it gave it the kick needed to make every mouthful as enjoyable as the last. It was heavenly... just a perfect touch! We cleared our plate (down to the last parmesan crumb) and words cannot describe how amazing this dish was... we seriously contemplated ordering another serving and would have if our mains were not so big!

Pasta con ragu
Made from three types of meat (pork, veal and beef) is the pasta con ragu. It tasted fairly similar to your typical bolognaise pasta, however it felt slightly oily. The pasta was also cooked quite well, it had an odd texture though, it was quite bouncy which probably means it was cooked well ;) 
Matt really enjoyed this dish, so much that he would only share one bite with Christie.

Pumpkin Gnocchi, burnt sage butter
When we normally call a dish out to be "The best we have ever tasted" we don't just halfheartedly do so. This means that when we come across a similar dish that is equally as good, if not better... It just means that we are all the more happier, and so should you because now you know! Okay, so during our Hunter Valley trip, we stumbled across some really amazing gnocchi and at that point made a decision to call it out for being the best we had tasted. Well, we don't take that back entirely BUT these definitely took the crown! The pumpkin gnocchi with burnt sage butter sauce was a warm and comfortable dish. Each piece was saturated in that amazing burnt sage butter and with each bite, you felt guilty all over again. Lastly, the crispy sage on top made all the difference!

Glass is served chilled, perfect for a hot summer day.

We really enjoyed Giro Osteria! Their food is above what we had expected and we are already planning our next visit for some more of those tantalizing polenta chips!

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