Max Brenner Christmas Special 2015

We recently sampled Max Brenner's "Christmas Special" dessert and milkshakes. With only a handful of days left till Christmas, it's the perfect time to make memorable moments with families and friends to enjoy Max Brenner's limited edition dessert and milkshake offerings.

Hammer Time 
Crisp chocolate dome, honey meringue cream, salted caramel popcorn and crispy rice base served with fresh strawberries
What's most interesting about this dish is the caramel popcorn and crispy rice base. The popcorn is evident through each bite, almost overpowering and the crispy rice adds the much needed texture. The cream's flavour was lost among the other flavours, however the chocolate dome was the perfect way to finish the mouthful. This dish is best enjoyed when you have a little bit of each element on the plate, then just let your endorphins kick in and take you from there. 

Candy Cane Crush and Eggnog Milkshake
These milkshakes are thick, sweet and unhealthy for you. But you know what? It's Christmas, time to pack on the kilo's and fit into your Santa suit. You can always add weight loss to your new year resolution. (It's already on ours)
Christie preferred the Eggnog milkshake which had lots of cinnamon. She can't get enough of her cinnamon. It was enjoyable for the first couple sips but once you got half way down the cup, it started to become a chore to finish. Similar with the Candy Cane Crush, while it was really sweet, it had a very strong essence of peppermint throughout. Definitely a drink for all of those who love peppermint!

Max Brenner also has a promotion where you purchase two pattern creations and get the third free at the Chocolate Shop! Just a reminder that these desserts are only available for a limited time and the offer ends 31st December 2015.

Thank you again Pulse Communications and Max Brenner for having us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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