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Soul Origin is well known for their ability to deliver a healthier "fast food" option to your week. It is the go-to shop to find a range of salads at reasonable "city" prices. Anyone who works in the city knows that Soul Origin makes their food fresh each day, which is why there is always a heavy traffic congestion. Take today for example, we had trouble taking pictures of the food on service due to the overwhelming amount of people. The staff really do have their hands full!

The selection of wraps and bagettes looked amazing. While not the most healthiest option, it definitely looks like a tasty option. We didn't opt for one though, and instead decided to have an olive oil panini!

Calabrese Salami
Salami, mesclun leaf, cheese and pesto
Before today I know that I loved Salami. However I didn't actually realise I loved it this much. Salami just works perfectly, it goes with almost anything and it is salty enough to never be "under-seasoned". Mixed with cheese (of course) and pesto sauce, then you MUST have it toasted, because the end result is a panini that would leave Homer Simpson drooling for more.

We then moved on to sample a selection of different salads that were available for offer. There were no less than at least 25 different options to choose from, but our stomachs would only allow us to try 7 which the staff happily accommodated for. I never realised that one could be so full from salad!

Soul Origin Beef: There was a generous serving of beef throughout this salad, and the beef itself had been marinated, making it quite sweet. If you are mixing this salad with a blander option, then it would work quite well. However it might be a little bit overpowering on its own.

Chicken and Smokey Chorizo: YUMM, who doesn't love chicken and chorizo?! This is one of the best meat combinations you can have, and what a guilt free way to enjoy it than with some mixed greens and SUN DRIED TOMATOES. I wish I had just selected a whole serving of this!

Pumpkin Cous Cous: I have never really been a huge fan of cous cous, but when I saw how well this was presented, I thought that I would give it a try. The pumpkin and sun dried tomatoes really gave this dish a flavour impact. 

Chicken Pesto Penne: This salad is always a favourite of mine, and given how simple it is to cook, it is always a quick option for dinner. That said, Soul Origin did not disappoint! 

Potato: I've always thought that a potato salad was always a cop out, and should never really be considered a salad given it's high fat and carb content. Needless to say, I love myself a good and simple potato salad. It is amazing how many people can stuff such a simple salad up by complicating it with new ingredients. Soul Origin has stuck to the complete minimum and that works well for me!

Crumbed Chicken Pasta: Honestly speaking, I was not a big fan of this salad. The chicken was dry and the pasta was bland. It felt like there should have been a dressing that we didn't get a chance to taste.

Grilled Chicken and Steamed Vegetables: This "salad" sounds more like a Christmas lunch to me. That said, it was probably the healthiest salad that we selected. Nice, simple and healthy dish!

Finally, we finished the afternoon with a well blended cappuccino. Soul Origin is also well known for their great tasting coffee that is smooth to drink, and to date I have never had a scolding hot cup. While it might be a little overpriced compared to other coffee shops, the extra dollar is worth that added satisfaction you get with each sip. Even if you are not hungry, I definitely encourage you to try their coffee. You will not regret it!

Special thank you to Wasamedia for inviting us out, and to Jimmy and the crew for taking great care of us on the day. We loved the idea for your food and will definitely be back... at least for another coffee :)

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