April 05, 2016
Papparich opened up in Little Saigon Plaza, Bankstown's newest shopping and food precinct. Only a short walk from Bankstown station you can see Papparich opposite Bankstown Tafe. You've all seen and heard about the amazing food Papparich has to offer from us before (like their deep fried pappa skins) so let's get straight into it!! If you've missed our reviews previously, here are the links for your convenience. Papparich Parramatta with Poh: link and Papparich Parramatta: link

 Iced Mocha with Ice Cream and Milk Tea with Creamer Special
We decided to try something different from our usual tropical paradise and coconut paradise (which unfortunately is not available in Bankstown). Personally, it feels like we've just taken the drinks out of the menu because it is an exact representation of the drink! 
See for yourself on Papparich's Drink Menu

Satay Beef and Chicken
If you're ever wanting to entertain your guests, definitely order the Satay Beef of Chicken option. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser. I love the satay sauce, make sure you drench your beef or chicken in it! The seasoning of the skewers may be too sweet but it will shortly balance out with spiciness and saltiness from dishes to come!

Roti Tuer Bawang with Curry Chicken
If you're at a Malaysian restaurant, any Roti order is a must. It's almost like walking into a seafood restaurant not ordering seafood. There are several types of roti and this one is served with eggs (telur) and onions (bawang). You will find that most Roti's are very oily but not at Papparich. I think the Roti should be served on its own, it's that good!

Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken
This is the traditional way of having Roti (on its own without the addition of eggs and onion) and dipping it in various sauces served with a choice of meat. This way, you can truly enjoy the flakiness from the Roti.

Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin
Hands down, this 'snack' dish was another crowd-pleaser. I would always order a side of Pappa Chicken Skins whenever I visit. I really enjoy the chewy texture, flavour and addictiveness. What I regret afterwards is another issue.

Main Dishes
Curry Laksa
Their Laksa was slightly on the sweet side and is also not too spicy. The tofu puffs and beancurd skin is enjoyable however the fried eggplant is a miss. The flavour can be quite bland even though the soup looks thick and full of flavour.

Pappa Fried Rice Noodles
I love this dish but it's not my favourite. The flavours are strong and you can taste the wok hei. There are chicken slices, prawns, eggs, bean sprouts, chives and red chilli. The portion size of this dish is huge. I love the texture of the rice noodle as it reminded me of banh canh (thick Vietnamese noodle)

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns
Nasi Lemak always smells amazing, you can smell the coconut (which is infused in the steamed rice) and chicken curry from a mile away. You can also smell the fragrance of the spicy sambal sauce. Personally, I found the fried anchovies quite unappetizing to look at!

 Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken
The broth consisted of prawn heads and chicken, it was quite clear and easy to consume. Their 'steamed chicken' which reminds me of Hainanese chicken is AMAZING. Don't let the colour of the chicken trick you into thinking it's bland.

Vegetarian Fried Mee Hoon with Curry Mutton and Eggs
I'm not vegetarian but my ultimate all time favourite main dish from Papparich is....
 Fried Mee Hoon. There's just something about it... whether it be the beancurd skin, curry mutton or the texture, it just works so well together. Admittedly, I always scrape off the lettuce (it tastes better for me)

Thank you again Lauren and Laura from Wasamedia for the invite, you ladies certainly know how to hold great events! It was lovely catching up with you, meeting new faces and reconnecting with blogger friends!

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