April 14, 2016
Tella Balls Dessert Bar has been causing a commotion in the blogger community since its inception and for good reason... because NUTELLA. Unfortunately it is not in the most desirable location, if you are travelling by public transport it can be a pain to visit!

The store was crawling with customers with even more waiting outside for a table. You can see it must be getting some decent reviews for business to be booming so much. 

Tella Ball - Nutella Milkshake
This has been hyped up since day one, the Nutella milkshake which holds one of the famous Tella Balls on top. It is probably best to split the review into two parts, the milkshake and the Tella Ball. Firstly the Tella Ball, it tastes like a cross between a cinnamon donut and a churro with a tonne of Nutella inside. It was served cold, but could only imagine if it was served hot with warm dripping Nutella how dope that would be!! That said, it was amazing... if Christie wasn't there to stop me, I think I would have bought a bakers dozen, to enjoy while in the line waiting to buy a bakers dozen for home. The milkshake on the other hand was average. It also made me feel a bit queasy afterwards.

Golden Gaytime Gelato
Tella Balls Dessert Bar also has a range of cakes and gelato to choose from. We were looking forward to the gelato donut from their launch party but to my disappointment, there wasn't a great variety of colours of flavours when we visited. Therefore we decided to go for the Golden Gaytime gelato instead. The only trouble was trying to eat it, as you can see it was quite lopsided causing a big mess to come!

The other thing we missed out on was the Nutella soft serve served in a Tella Ball cone. This was unavailable on the day due to a malfunction of the soft serve machine. Might need another trip down here to sample it! That said, if you haven't been yet, I wouldn't be dropping all my plans to visit this place. 

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