April 24, 2016
In the busy street of Broadway, you can easily miss The Waffle Shack. The next time you walk down to Broadway, make sure to look for The Waffle Shack (or follow the smell) to get your sweet craving fixed. They are going to expand in the future and thinking of savoury options. Their menu changes based on the season so be in quick to not miss out on amazing liege/brussels waffle with current toppings!

We were greeted by Chris and his lovely partner who gave us a quick rundown of all there is to know about waffles. I am sure there is much more to learn, but knowing the basics is best.  To give you a quick understanding...
Liege waffles are made with a batter that is more dough like, thick and sticky. You would normally associate the Liege waffles with your standard waffle at your local cafe. The liege waffle is more dense, chewy and slightly sweeter.
Brussels waffles are made with a thin, yeast-leavened batter which makes them lighter and their appearance is more rectangular with deeper holes.They are usually served with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Double Belgian Chocolate with Chantilly Cream and Shaved Chocolate
on Brussels Waffles
This exact waffle is not on the menu, however that doesn't stop you from request the above to be made. It's a combination of the double Belgian chocolate with house chantilly cream and shaved chocolate. The brussel waffle is extremely light and fluffy. It must be eaten fresh otherwise it can become soggy. That said, it was incredibly tasty and the chantilly cream provides much needed balance to the Belgian chocolate. Not only does it look beautiful, the waffle itself is a creation that can only be made from pure passion... it probably also helps if you are French.

Pears two ways, custard (creme anglaise), maple syrup and candied walnuts
on Liege Waffles
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow... the creme anglaise was definitely the highlight of this waffle. You can definitely taste the vanilla bean throughout which not only gave it a great flavour, but also an aroma that made the hair on your arms stand from excitement. It overshadowed the very sweet, and once again fluffy waffle which was topped with slightly sour pears. This created a good balance of sweet and sour. What a great winter warmer treat to warm your belly!

Finally, you can see the amount of effort that goes into creating these marvelous creations. Chris definitely has his hands full!

Liege waffle dough

Brussels waffle batter

Chris tempering chocolate

Thank you again Chris for inviting us today and taking special care with our waffles. It was lovely to meet you, but it definitely will not be the last time you see us! 
That lovely smell of waffles cooking will draw us back in for sure!

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