May 23, 2016
After a long day at work, it's always nice to have something to look forward to. Whether that be coming home to see the kids, spending time with loved ones or if you're a foodie like us, heading to Amaro Montenegro's black tie relaunch with cocktails at The Vine

Amaro Montenegro is a leader for the masterful creation of herbal liqueur since 1885. It has been developed to be enjoyed hot or cold, we prefer it served over ice for that refreshing mixture of herbs, lemon and a hint of vanilla! Depending on how you enjoy Amaro Montenegro, it can be paired well with most foods.

Throughout the evening, we were treated many cocktails that can be made using Amaro Montenegro. We have provided the ingredients for the drinks below for you to try it at home (in moderation of course!). Amaro Montenegro is available at most liqueur stores so make sure to grab a bottle your next visit! We hope you enjoy and if you do come up with other creations, #snapshotsoffood on Instagram so we can see!

Monte Manhattan
45ml Amaro Montenegro, 45ml Rye Whiskey, Splash of Maraschino Liqueur, Glacè Cherries to garnish.
This cocktail was very smooth, yet you could taste every bit of that whiskey. This was one of those drinks you couldn't stop drinking, but didn't want to keep drinking. Something just kept bringing up back to this drink and we cannot put out finger on it. Either way, we felt very elegant drinking it!

Monte Mule
45ml Amaro Montenegro, 30ml Lime Juice, 15ml Vodka, Splash of Peach Liqueur, 90ml Ginger Beer, Mint sprig to garnish 
We enjoyed every bit of this cocktail as the ginger really brought out the sweet elements of the Amaro Montenegro liqueur. This was refreshing and way too easy to be sipping on throughout the night. We were provided with all the ingredients you see above to re-create it at home to prove that you don't need a bartender to enjoy a great drink!

Monte Negroni
30ml Amaro Negroni, 30 Sweet Vermouth, 30ml Gin, Orange Bitters, Orange peel to garnish 
Shaken, not stirred... is what I felt like saying when drinking this. This was strong, boy was it strong.. Not our favourite, but it was still something different to try and well.. you can't let good alcohol go to waste. So we drank it anyway.... and went back to the Monte Mule :)

The food came and went really quickly, and each plate of appetizers was more elegant than the last. The grilled scallop would have to be our favourite, especially how it was presented in a wooden spoon! Hats off to the amazing chefs plating up these dishes, we were standing near the kitchen so was able to watch them at work. Very mesmerizing and the definition of great team work!

We enjoyed elegant food, hand crafted cocktails as you've seen, live music, photobooth fun and a mouth clenching performance at The Vine. Thank you to ID Collective for organising and hosting another great evening.

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