May 09, 2016
Baffi and Mo is a located in Redfern and is a local gem. The cafe serves all day breakfast ranging from toast, baffi eggs, big breakfast but most amazingly, the potato hash. There are also fritters, burgers and freshly made juices. Not to mention their coffee and homemade cakes/brownies! Several reasons why we need to plan our next visit!

We were greeted by Regina and her outstanding customer service. Not only did she spark a very enjoyable conversation with us, but she took the time to personally see to our needs. Matt has been down with the flu lately and once Regina knew this, she immediately put her Mum hat on and suggested a nice honey, mint and ginger tea. In fact, she insisted it!
The tea comes served on a platter, with a side of honey for a sweetener replacement and a cup of chilled water to even out the temperature of the tea to a preferable temperature.

Christie had a freshly made juice with pineapple, apple and ginger. 

Potato hash stack with smoked ham, topped with coleslaw, poached egg and asparagus
Is it bold to make a statement like "this dish was off the charts"? If so, we don't care because you are going to have to trust our word on this. We opted to order this dish largely due to it's popularity on social media, but also because of our love for anything deep fried and full of potato. Admittedly we were not too keen when we saw that it had coleslaw,  but OMG we couldn't get enough of it!!! It was tasty and not too thick/creamy, the perfect balance. The potato hash was nice and crispy and the poached egg was perfectly cooked and added a great flavour to the dish. 
Let's also not forget how beautifully this dish is presented. There are so many elements to this dish, and in normal circumstances would probably be too much on a single plate. However Baffi and Mo pulled it off with the clever stack!

The Mo: crispy bacon, roma tomato, poached egg and asparagus with hollandaise sauce
We looked at this menu item and compared it with the eggs benedict. They seem very similar on paper, with the addition of the asparagus and roma tomato. When you talk about flavour, Baffi and Mo hit the nail on the head with this one as well. Just what you would expect from their main dish.. You can always make a safe bet with the menu item that contains the name of the store in it.
Back to taste.. everything was perfect. The egg was poached egg-celletly, the moment you touched it, the egg just popped open with that fabulous orange yolk. The hollandaise sauce wasn't too overpowering and we loved the addition of a tomato. I'm not a huge fan of asparagus so Matt (as the designated eater) helped me finish my greens. See, I'm taking great care of him.

Overall, fantastic food quality and amazing service from Regina and staff, what a hidden gem in Redfern. We need to venture out more. The next time we are craving potato hash or wanting to feel the love and care when we're sick, we are heading to Baffi and Mo. 

Thank you again Zomato for the voucher to dine at Baffi and Mo. 

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